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Don't use Google Analytics

You have a website, so Google Analytics is part of it. After all, you want to know how many visitors your website has. And Google Analytics is THE top dog, free of charge.

# Be honest: Are you really using the numbers?

Again and again I see projects where Google Analytics serves only one purpose: It could present data. Could. In very few cases people even look into Google Analytics, and even rarer are real decisions made based on these numbers. There is simply a lack of knowledge to get to the right statements through the jumble of numbers. Google Analytics therefore only fulfills a latent feeling of being able to make theoretical statements.

It gets even worse with small business websites or private pages. Instead of spending time and money on good content, every link has to be tracked, every form submission has to be measured. Not to mention the configuration of cookie banners, tag managers, dashboards, privacy issues…

# Get rid of it. Completely.

Delete Google Analytics. Create content you feel like. Who cares if you have 100 or 1,000 visitors per month?

If your website is big enough to make Google Analytics worthwhile, you’ll notice it on your own. Through orders, through calls, through emails from potential customers. Until then, use your time wisely - and not in Google Analytics.