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Don't use Google Analytics

You have a website, so Google Analytics is part of it. After all, you want to know how many visitors your website has. And Google Analytics is THE top dog, free of charge.

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Personalization vs. Personality

Our digital lives are characterized by personalization. From recommendations on Amazon to interest-based online ads to matching responses from Alexa - we have become accustomed to any form of digitality adapting to our lives.

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AMP is dead πŸͺ¦ Long live AMP πŸ‘‘

I am absolutely not a fan of AMP. In the website sense at least, as a short form for amplifier in the music area I'm totally with it 😁 Currently, it's about nothing less than the future of Google search. So let’s have a look at AMP!

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Compile Sass with Eleventy

Instead of using Gulp or Grunt, Eleventy can also compile Sass files directly. The players: the new beforeBuild event and Dart Sass.

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Quick tip: Open path when starting 11ty serve

Eleventy comes with a built-in serve mode, which makes development easier. The Browsersync standard can even be overridden since version 7, for example to open the localhost address at startup.

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5 Tips You Can Learn in Las Vegas for Your Business

Las Vegas: The city of superlatives. The city of big shows. The city of lights and neon signs. But also, the city of sin and addiction. There are many extremes in Las Vegas, both positive and negative. An inspiring environment to learn some important advice for your daily business.

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